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SK 立式砂磨機     SK   Vertical   Sand   Mill
       Applicable to grind and disperse the liquid-solid phase material under closed status in coating,dye,pigment,printingind,pesticide and paper industries,with strong continuity of production and efficiency of grinding £ dispersing, the high quality product obtained, reasonable struture and changing,as well as simple operation and maintenance.
規格 TYPE sk10-1 SK20-1 SK40-1 SK80-2A
筒體容積   Capacity     L 10 20 40 80
主電機功率  Motor power kw 5.5 11 18.5 30
分散軸轉速 Shaft speed r/min 1440 1320 1020 830
產量范圍  Output scope kg/h 80-200 150-400 300-700 500-1200
重量      Weight       kg 550 1000 1500 2000

江蘇省江陰市康盛機械有限公司 版權所有       技術支持:江陰高通